August 31, 2016

Showcase new products that deliver new value under JVC and KENWOOD brands
JVCKENWOOD is Presenting “Enjoyable and Fulfilling Lifestyle” at IFA Berlin 2016
Reveal a 4K-enabled home projector equipped with newly developed native 4K D-ILA device

JVCKENWOOD will exhibit under the JVC and KENWOOD brands at IFA Berlin 2016, the world’s biggest consumer electronics exhibition, to be held at the Messe Berlin Exhibition Grounds in Berlin, Germany from September 2 (Friday) through September 7 (Wednesday) 2016.

Our booth this time will showcase new products delivering new value under the theme of “Enjoyable and Fulfilling Lifestyle.”

We will put on display a diverse lineup of car electronics products with a continued high share in the European market, coupled with headphones and professional-consumer video cameras that are versatile for use in various situations. Moreover, we will unveil for the first time a 4K-enabled home projector equipped with our proprietary newly developed native 4K D-ILA device, allowing visitors to experience high-definition demonstration video ahead of the product’s launch.

Image of the JVCKENWOOD booth

Main exhibit of the JVCKENWOOD booth (Hall 2.2, Stand 108) Car electronics product lineup offering extensive car life pleasure

1)Car entertainment products compatible with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto™


  • New product: KENWOOD DNX8160DABS, a car navigation system equipped with a built-in Garmin navigation engine offering high reliability
  • New product: JVC KW-V820BT, a multimedia receiver designed to play diverse range of media content

2)Audio receiver compatible with the Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) radio service that is experiencing rising demand in Europe

  • New product: KENWOOD KMM-BT502DAB digital media receiver compatible with DAB / Bluetooth®
  • New product: 2DIN CD receiver JVC KW-DB92BTcompatible with DAB / Bluetooth®

3)Driver recorder that is equipped with a high-definition recording function and driving aid function and that aids in safe driving

  • New product High-specification drive recorder KENWOOD DRV-410

4)Car navigation system that is compatible with high-resolution sound source based on greater data quantity and transforms the in-car environment into a highly vivid sound space

  • Car navigation system KENWOOD DDX8016DABS/DDX9716BTS

Headphone product lineup delivering listening pleasure for various situations


  • New product: Bluetooth®-equipped and sports-friendly inner-ear headphone HA-F250BT that offers wireless listening pleasure
  • New product: Bluetooth®-equipped headband portable headphone models HA-S50BT, HA-S40BT and HA-S30BT that can play for about 17 hours running
  • Sports headphone series HA-ETX30, EBR25, ECX20 and ENR15 that come in a variety of colors
  • Headband portable headphone models HA-S660, SR225 and S180 delivering high-quality sound listening pleasure anywhere

Lineup of professional/consumer video camera products versatile for use in various shooting scenes


  • GY-HM170, a 4K memory card camera recorder with built-in double slots (non-Japan model), which can be used for 120-frames-per-second high-speed shooting (based on 1920 x 1080 full HD recording)
  • Everio R GZ-RX615 and GZ-R415, all-weather high-definition memory video camera models that are equipped with four protective functions, i.e., water, dust, shock and low-temperature resistance functions, as well as a long-lasting battery enabling continuous shooting for about five hours

New product: Home 4K projector equipped with our proprietary newly developed native 4K D-ILA device

We will unveil the 4K-compatible D-ILA model projector that is equipped with our newly developed native 4K D-ILA device and delivers high-definition and colorful video of superior quality, as a product that is the first of its kind in the world. At the theater room close to our booth, visitors will be able to experience a high-definition demonstration video that maximizes the projector’s performance ahead of its launch.


  • Apple CarPlay is a trademark or registered trademark of Apple Inc. as is registered in the U.S. or other countries.
  • Android Auto is a trademark or registered trademark of Google Inc. as is registered in the U.S. or other countries.
  • Bluetooth® and its logo, being registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., are used by JVCKENWOOD under license from the company.
  • D-ILA,Everio,Everio R is a trademark or registered trademark of JVCKENWOOD.
  • Other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of individual companies.

For further information, please contact:

[Media Contact] Public Relations, IR & SR Department Corporate Communication Division, JVCKENWOOD Corporation
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