September 6, 2016

Deliver IP solutions for professional video devices under the exhibition theme of “Go Live! over IP”
JVCKENWOOD is presenting at International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2016

JVCKENWOOD will exhibit at International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2016, the biggest broadcasting device exhibition in Europe, to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from September 9 (Friday) through September 13 (Tuesday), 2016 (local time).

Under the exhibition theme of “Go Live! over IP,” we will this time highlight a variety of IP-based video transmission systems for live video production at studios and event sites. Moreover, we will deliver new IP solutions by featuring various video production-use products and solutions that leverage technologies previously developed live streaming technologies for news gathering and reporting.

Conceptual diagram of JVCKENWOOD booth

Our IBC 2016 exhibition concept (JVCKENWOOD Booth: Hall 12, F31)

  • Put on display various items that feature a variety of solutions for the live video production segment, based on five themes and areas. Provide flexible and low-priced video production system solutions by leveraging live streaming technologies previously delivered on many occasions to customers such as broadcasters in the field of news gathering and reporting.
  • Exhibit new camera, accessory and monitor products for professional video systems and video production, and display, for reference, a 4K camera module that is planned to be commercialized going forward
  • Highlight the concept for new workflow solutions in collaboration with our business partners

Main exhibit of JVCKENWOOD at IBC 2016

1. Studio Solution booth area providing new IP solutions

We will exhibit a PTZ remote-type IP streaming camera controller, the first of its kind by JVCKENWOOD, and display, for reference, a 4K camera module that can be incorporated into various systems.

Main new products for exhibition
1) New product: HD remote camera KY-PZ100BE/WE and remote control unit RM-LP100E

KY-PZ100BE/WE            RM-LP100E

JVCKENWOOD will highlight, as new products, HD remote camera KY-PZ100BE/WE, which is installable in a distant location and a spot where shooting is difficult, coupled with dedicated remote control unit RM-LP100E. In addition to having ordinary remote camera functions, KY-PZ100BE/WE enables wired and wireless live streaming. Being able to provide 3G-SDI, HDMI and IP streaming simultaneously, this product can transmit video signals optimal for a given system. To address various kinds of video shooting and operation situations required to be handled by a remote camera, KY-PZ100BE/WE taps into a direct drive system characterized by superior location accuracy and low-noise features—features realized due to JVCKENWOOD’s proprietary mechanical technologies. By employing the remote control unit RM-LP100E accompanying the camera, the user can maneuver it and specify settings from a spot far from the camera.

2) Reference exhibition: 4K camera module GW-MD100


Also to be shown at the exhibition will be GW-MD100, a 4K camera module that is made compatible with 4K/50p and 60p outputs by using four types of output for 3G-SDI targeting video production users. This Super35mm CMOS-based camera module is an uncomplicated single-body camera that can be built into various systems such as a drone and PTZ by using a dedicated command function (to be released shortly). It also caters to various production situations, including studio recording and sports event shooting, with the aim of assisting next-generation 4K video production.

2. Booth area for IP streaming-based camera shooting system “Go Live! & Camera Shooting”

“Go Live! OB Van”

The booth will also contain an area for highlighting a camera shooting system based on IP streaming that uses the “Go Live!” camera shooting system. The booth will display “Go Live! Outside Broadcast (OB) Van,” an IP-based demonstration car serving as a concept exhibit, and outline the low-priced outdoor live shooting system utilizing Internet lines. Designed to deal with shooting situations for which JVCKENWOOD’s IP streaming camera is used, the above-mentioned shooting system has all its necessary devices in a single small car. It enables the user to flexibly handle projects for which live broadcasting was previously highly challenging due to location or budget reasons.

3. The JVC VIDEOCLOUD booth area delivering end-to-end solutions for a process from shooting to distribution

JVCKENWOOD will deliver total solutions for processes from video shooting to distribution as solutions that use JVC VIDEOCLOUD, a professional video live streaming platform. At the JVC VIDEOCLOUD booth area, we will demonstrate a seamless workflow from the shooting of content to live transmission to editing and from advertisement attachment to web page uploading to distribution.

4. Sports & Live IP Solution booth area providing IP streaming technology solutions to sports video production customers

The Sports & Live IP Solution booth area will display: 1) GY-HM200SP, an IP streaming camera equipped with a score inputting function that is used for live broadcasting senior high school and university sports events, as a sports production segment system; 2) GC-LJ25B, a device providing an analysis function for sports by synchronizing multiple high-speed cameras.

Main exhibits of the KENWOOD booth
1) Reference exhibition:Sports production camera recorder GY-HM200SP


GY-HM200SP, being based on professional 4K memory card camera recorder GY-HM200E, allows scores and team logos (option) to be automatically overlaid on live streaming or recorded video. It enables shooting and score inputting tasks to be performed on a single-person basis. The score inputting can be coordinated with a network-connected smartphone or tablet or a scoreboard device.

2) Reference exhibition:Multiple camera compatible sports coaching camera system GC-LJ25B


GC-LJ25B is a low-priced sports coaching segment camera capable of high-speed shooting of up to 600 frames per second. Through synchronized filming with multiple cameras, this device allows the user to perform multi-angle and slow motion-based sports analysis.

5. Studio & Field Monitor area for different video production segments

We will also display products fitting different types of needs with a focus on DTV Series, a new set of broadcasting station monitor offerings.

Main exhibit of our booth
New product: DTV Series broadcasting station monitor


We will exhibit the 21-inch monitor DT-V21G2 and 17-inch monitor DT-V17G2, devices that offer highly sophisticated video presentation, realized by newly using high-picture quality engine. We will also show the 24-inch monitor DT-V24G2 and 17-inch monitor DT-V17G25 that are compatible with 10-bit display and wide color gamut reproduction while delivering video presentations of a superior quality. These are products providing an enhanced video mode and tool function, so we will present them as solutions for editing, video checking and other uses requiring high video reproduction functionality.

■ Concept solutions to be provided in collaboration with business partners IBM Japan, Ltd. and FOR-A Company Limited

JVCKENWOOD provides solutions in collaboration with its business partners, IBM Japan, Ltd. and FOR-A Company Limited. Deeming our IP streaming camera recorder to be an IoT starting point for video data, we record, as a database, the data in a media-asset management system created in a cloud server, providing storage service and application service solutions that utilize live streaming video and metadata.

Profile of IBC 2016

  • Name: International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2016
  • Host: International Broadcasting Convention (IBC)
  • Exhibition period: September 9 (Friday) through September 13 (Tuesday), 2016 *Product exhibition period
  • Venue: RAI Amsterdam (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Official website: http://www.ibc.org/


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