September 8, 2016

EF Johnson Technologies, JVCKENWOOD’s U.S. Communications Systems Subsidiary, to Provide P25* Professional Digital Radio Systems to Erie County, Pennsylvania, U.S.

*A suite of standards for digital radio communications for the public safety market

EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. (“EFJT”), JVCKENWOOD’s communication systems subsidiary in the U.S., has been awarded a contract by Erie County, Pennsylvania, U.S., for Professional Digital Radio Systems conforming to the P25 for the public safety market.
Erie County has decided to adopt EFJT’s solutions as it highly rated the product’s system scalability in the future, and signed a large contract for US$16.1 million, including the supply of digital radio systems and long-term support services.

■Outline of Professional Digital Radio Systems to be Delivered to Erie County, Pennsylvania

The Professional Digital Radio Systems feature the ATLAS system which is EFJT’s radio control system, and KENWOOD-brand portable and mobile car-mounted wireless systems (Viking series), which are compatible with P25 standards for digital radio communications. The P25 standards were developed for the public safety market for police departments, fire departments, and emergency medical services. In addition, EFJT’s high-quality and reliable solutions allow stable radio communications in any environment.
EFJT will deliver a technologically advanced solution that can meet the strict requirements of personnel in police departments, fire departments, and emergency medical services of Erie County. The solution will form countywide interoperable radio communications infrastructure, when combined with a dispatch console provided by Zetron, Inc. (“Zetron”), JVCKENWOOD’s other communications systems subsidiary in the U.S.

■Prospects for the future

JVCKENWOOD acquired EFJT, a company focused on the development and sales of P25 communication solutions including multiband terminals and base stations (base station radio repeaters), and converted it into a subsidiary in March 2014. The aim was to enhance JVCKENWOOD’s existing range of wireless system solutions and introduce P25 communication solutions as total digital communication system solutions to the growing market for Professional Digital Radio Systems conforming to the P25 in North America. JVCKENWOOD and EFJT have subsequently offered Professional Digital Radio Systems conforming to the P25 to the public safety market outside North America, and jointly secured a major contract with Taipei City Policy Department in June 2016.
By mobilizing the full potential of the JVCKENWOOD Group, including EFJT and Zetron, we will strive to expand business in the public safety market, the main area of the professional radio systems market. We will do so by providing total system solutions based on wireless technologies compatible with the P25 protocol, in addition to sales of professional wireless systems.

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