November 25, 2016

Details Announced for JVCKENWOOD Booth at Radiological
Society of North America 2016 (RSNA2016)
-Diagnostic Imaging Support Systems Centering on Medical Image Display Systems, Plus Exhibits of Various Medical Solutions-

JVCKENWOOD Corporation (JVCKENWOOD) will exhibit at Radiological Society of North America 2016 (RSNA2016), to be held from Sunday, November 27 to Friday, December 2, 2016, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

This year JVCKENWOOD Booth features solutions that improve the efficiency of diagnostic support in medical care, centering on diagnostic imaging support systems. These include medical image display systems equipped with a Dynamic Gamma function enabling efficient interpretation of radiogram, as well as pathological image display monitors that use our unique color management technology and cloud-based software solutions for medical display accuracy control.

JVCKENWOOD succeeded the TOTOKU brand, which had been one of the top brands in medical image display for more than 20 years, in July 2013. Going forward we will shift from the current TOTOKU brand to JVC brand and provide a wider range of solutions in the medical field.

Conceptual diagram of JVCKENWOOD Booth

Our RSNA2016 exhibition concept (JVCKENWOOD Booth: North B Hall #8310)

We will exhibit various medical solutions centering on diagnostic imaging support systems that improve the efficiency of medical diagnosis.

  • We will exhibit various diagnostic imaging support solutions including multi-modality display systems equipped with our unique Dynamic Gamma function suitable for interpretation of radiograms and other diagnostic imaging modalities such as mammography, CR/DR, CT, MRI, angiography and Ultrasound images, color LCD monitors equipped with a color management function suitable for pathological diagnosis and remote diagnosis, and cloud-based display accuracy control software solutions that improve the efficiency of maintenance and control of accuracy of diagnostic displays installed in hospitals.
  • Gaze point sensing systems and medical field support solutions that use 4K cameras will be offered for reference exhibit.

Main exhibits

[Diagnostic imaging support solutions]

1.Display systems for mammography/tomosynthesis imaging “CCL550i2” “MS55i2”

15MsP Monochrome Display MS55i2

5MP Color Display CCL550i2

We will exhibit CCL550i2, a 5-million pixel 21.3-inch medical imaging display, equipped with a Dynamic Gamma function that accommodates monochrome mammography/tomosynthesis images for breast cancer diagnosis, as well as automatically recognizing color images, such as images from Ultrasound diagnostic equipment, CT, MRI and pathology, to provide optimized contrast. We will also display MS55i2, a medical imaging display that uses independent sub-pixel drive technology to display higher resolution and definition mammography/tomosynthesis images. Both models have received the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for breast tomosynthesis/digital mammography.

2.“i2” Series Medical Imaging Displays “CCL258i2”, “CCl358i2” and “CCL650i2”

Conceptual image of Dynamic Gamma function

Three models of “i2” display series for medical images equipped with a Dynamic Gamma function and an auto text mode function will be exhibited. These models come with LCD panels with LED backlight systems that achieve less energy consumption and longer service life, recognize color images to provide optimized contrast and automatically control brightness for text data.

3.24.1-inch Color LCD Monitor for Pathological Images [Reference Exhibit]

Conceptual image of display for pathological images

Our 24.1-inch color LCD monitor for pathological images that can reproduce colors in high definition by using our unique color management technology will be put on reference exhibit. This display system uses our proprietary profile management technology that enables sharing of specified color space to reproduce unified color between displays in remote locations or between several display systems to accommodate remote access diagnostic imaging environment.

4.Cloud-based Software Solution for Accuracy Control of Medical Displays “PM Medivisor Cloud”

Conceptual images of PM Medivisor Cloud

We will exhibit PM Medivisor Cloud, a cloud-based accuracy control software solution for medical displays. PM Medivisor is a software solution that continually collects and analyzes the operational status of medical displays installed in hospitals, reporting findings back to the system administrator. PM Medivisor Cloud, which is based on cloud computing, is maintenance-free and thus achieves reduction of maintenance cost. In addition, the solution can realize location free accuracy control via the Internet safely through secure communication protocols.

[Medical Field Support Solutions]

1. Gaze Point Sensing Device that Visualizes Gaze Points for Chest X-ray Images [Reference Exhibit]

We will display, as reference exhibit, our gaze point sensing device that visualizes gaze points of radiologists on chest X-ray images by applying our proprietary gaze point sensing technology.

Illustrative image of gaze point analysis of chest X-ray images
*Chest X-ray images were provided by Professor Toshihiro Ogura of Gunma Prefectural College of Health Sciences and Graduate School

2.Touch Panel Solutions for Improving the Efficiency of Camera Operation in Operating Rooms [Reference Exhibit]

Separate-type 4K camera system and touch panel for operating room video recording

Our reference exhibits also include a separate-type 4K camera system for operating room video recording that can make high-definition, 4K60p video recordings of surgeries, as well as touch panel solution that enables configuration of various settings and controls pan, tilt, zoom and white balance in a single operation. The system creates an environment for improving the work efficiency of healthcare professionals in operating rooms.

Outline of Radiological Society of North America 2016 (RSNA2016)

・Exhibition period
: Sunday, November 27–Friday, December 2, 2016

    Technical Exhibition
: Sunday, November 27– Wednesday, November 30, 2016: 10:00-17:00;
Thursday, December 1, 2016: 10:00-14:00
: Radiological Society of North America
: McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, USA
・The official website
: URL: http://www.rsna.org/


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