May 18, 2017

JVCKENWOOD’s Advanced Digital Cockpit System Developed With McLaren
For The McLaren 720S Supercar

JVC KENWOOD Corporation (“JVCKENWOOD”) is pleased to announce that its advanced digital cockpit system was developed with McLaren Automotive Ltd. (“McLaren Automotive”) in the U.K. for the McLaren 720S supercar and showcased on McLaren’s stand at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, one of the world’s largest motor shows held in Geneva, Switzerland, on March 7th, 2017.

1.Background for Creation of Digital Cockpit System

With the launch of innovative Advanced Driver Assistance System (i-ADAS) Business Taskforce in July 2013, JVCKENWOOD created CAROPTRONICS*1 field by integrating the strength of both Car Electronics (car navigation devices, etc.), its largest business field, and OptoElectronics (video cameras, projectors, etc.), focusing on the development of Digital Cockpit Systems such as Head-Up Displays, Car-Mounted Full HD Cameras, Digital Instrument Cluster Meter Display and Digital Mirrors. Thus, JVCKENWOOD has enhanced initiatives with the aim to realize a motorized society with safety and peace of mind.

JVCKENWOOD and McLaren Automotive have established a close relationship and conducted research and development activities toward practical application of Digital Cockpit Systems. At the International CES held in Las Vegas in 2015 and 2016, JVCKENWOOD booth highlighted McLaren Automotive’s concept vehicle equipped with the Digital Cockpit System developed jointly by the two companies. Further to the concept vehicles at CES, JVCKenwood and McLaren Automotive have developed a complete advanced driver interface and digital cockpit for the McLaren 720S, which is available to order now and will be delivered from May 2017.

*1 CAROPTRONICS is JVCKENWOOD’s original name for a technology that applies opto-electronics technology to in-car applications.

<McLaren 720S>

2.Essential features of the Digital Cockpit System Installed in the McLaren 720S

(1) Motorized movable driver display

  • Full HD Foldable Digital Instrument Cluster.
  • The Digital Cockpit System features a 10.25-inch main display that changes its configuration when the car switches between Comfort, Sport or Track driving modes. A 6.35-inch slim display, designed for driving in Track mode only shows the minimum necessary information for track driving situations. At either the touch of a button, or automatically if linked by choice to the active dynamics functionality, the display slides down to Slim Display.

<Full display mode>

<Slim display mode>

(2) Infotainment

  • Equipped with an 8.0-inch central touch screen display unit that lets the driver control various vehicle settings, including air conditioning system.
  • The multilingual navigation system supports RDS-TMC*2/ FM-VICS*3, Bluetooth and digital radio broadcasting such as Sirius XM*4 and DAB*5.
  • A 360-degree camera system, gives the driver a ‘top-down’ bird’s eye view around the car for safe vehicle movement and parking assistance.

3. JVCKENWOOD’s solutions for the automobile industry

JVCKENWOD is one of the few manufacturers of professional equipment that retains all necessary core technologies in car electronics solutions within its Group, ranging from sensing devices such as cameras and sensors (CAROPTRONICS), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) enabling detection of vehicles, and display interface devices that communicate collected information to drivers. JVCKENWOOD also develops and offers car audio systems, car navigation systems and Infotainment that provide safety and excellent comfort for an ultimate driving pleasure.

Based on this strength, JVCKENWOOD is engaged in the development of the Digital Cockpit System. With the diffusion of these innovative driver assistance systems among road vehicles manufactured by various auto makers, JVCKENWOOD aims to achieve a motorized society characterized by safety and peace of mind.

*2 RDS-TMC (Radio Data System-Traffic Message Channel): Services adopted in Europe for broadcasting traffic information and travel information over the FM radio data system.

*3 FM VICS: Services adopted in Japan for transmitting traffic congestion information and weather/disaster information covering a wide area via FM multiplex broadcasting.

*4 Sirius XM: Digital satellite radio services offering radio channels in the U.S. and Canada.

*5 DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast): Digital radio protocol mainly adopted in some European countries and Australia.

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