August 25, 2017

Showcasing new products under JVC and KENWOOD brands that make
people’s lifestyles more enjoyable and fulfilling

JVCKENWOOD Exhibit at IFA Berlin 2017
Reference exhibit introducing JVCKENWOOD’s VR head-mounted display and
ASK Industries’ audio system products

JVCKENWOOD will exhibit products under the JVC and KENWOOD brands at IFA Berlin 2017, the largest consumer electronics exhibition in Europe, to be held at the Messe Berlin Exhibition Grounds in Berlin, Germany from September 1 (Friday) through September 6 (Wednesday) 2017.
Our booth this year will showcase new products designed to make people’s lifestyles more enjoyable and fulfilling in various areas of everyday life. Products on display will include a diverse lineup of car electronics products that continue to have high shares of the European market. Moreover, we will propose new entertainment solutions such as virtual reality (VR) and present a reference exhibit of audio system products of ASK Industries S.p.A., a JVCKENWOOD Group company, suggesting new applications and usage situations.

<Image of the JVCKENWOOD booth>

【Main exhibits of the JVCKENWOOD booth (Hall 1.2)】

<Lineup of car electronics products that make for a more entertaining and comfortable ride and drive>

Our main exhibits are the DMX7017DABS, which is sold under the KENWOOD brand and is a winner of the prestigious EISA Award, and a multimedia AV receiver that boasts improved connectivity with smartphones by supporting Apple CarPlay/Android Auto™.
We will also display dashcams integrated into multimedia AV receivers, featuring high-definition video recording when connected to a multimedia AV receiver to give drivers a comfortable driving experience. We will also exhibit products that support Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) radio services, which is enjoying growing demand in Europe.

  • 【New product】 DMX7017DABS (EISA In-Car Head Unit Award 2017-2018 winning model) (KENWOOD) /KW-M730BT (JVC), multimedia AV receivers that are compatible with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto™
  • 【New product】DRV-N520 multimedia AV receiver with dashcam (KENWOOD)
  • Lineup of DAB/Bluetooth®-compatible digital media receivers

<Lineup of Bluetooth® headphones that offer wireless listening pleasure>

The main exhibit is our new product lineup of Bluetooth® headphones, which are becoming increasingly popular. We will showcase our lines of products that are suitable for various listening situations, ranging from sweat-proof sports-friendly headphones that are ideal for sports to models for everyday use. Models on show will also include noise cancelling models and headband portable headphones that support high-resolution audio.

  • 【New product】 Bluetooth®-equipped and sports-friendly HA-EN10BT and HA-EC20BT inner-ear headphone models
  • 【New product】 Bluetooth®-equipped HA-FX9BT and HA-FX21BT inner-ear headphone models come in a variety of designs, colors, and fit options
  • 【New product】 Bluetooth®-equipped HA-FX42BT neckband-style headphone model runs about 14 hours and delivers listening pleasure anywhere with a powerful and high-quality sound
  • Bluetooth®-equipped HA-EC30BT/ET50BT AE Series of inner-ear sports headphones mainly targeting serious runners
  • Bluetooth®-equipped HA-S30BT headband lightweight portable headphones runs for about 17 hours
  • Bluetooth®-equipped HA-S90BN headband portable headphones featuring noise cancellation and long battery life
  • High-resolution audio-compatible HA-SHR01 and HA-SHR02 headband portable headphones for a high-quality sound and listening experience

<Lineup of video cameras equipped with “Quad Proof” features geared for active outdoor use>

The Everio R lineup of high-definition memory camcorders is equipped with “Quad Proof” four protective functions, i.e., water, dust, shock, and low-temperature resistance functions, as well as a long-life battery enabling continuous shooting for about five hours, and is designed for active outdoor use.

  • Everio Series of GZ-RX645 high-definition memory camcorders equipped with Wi-Fi®

<4K-compatible D-ILA model projector delivers high-definition video with superb quality>

In the theater room close to our booth, visitors will be able to experience high-definition and colorful videos of superb quality projected by our 4K-compatible D-ILA model DLA-Z1 projector, which comes equipped with our native 4K D-ILA device. In addition, we will demonstrate a 4K-compatible D-ILA model projector equipped with our 4K/e-shift technology.

<Demonstration of new entertainment experience using virtual reality (VR) videos (reference exhibit)>

<VR head-mounted display and VR-viewer-enabled vibrating chair>

Visitors will be able to experience high-definition videos, recorded by 4K video cameras with 360 degrees seamless shooting capability, with a VR head-mounted display in a chair that vibrates in sync with the video. We propose a new entertainment medium offering a totally new immersive and powerful viewing experience.

<Exhibit of new audio system products from JVCKENWOOD Group’s ASK Industries based in Italy (reference exhibit)>

ASK’s new speaker system, developed by applying its audio technologies, accumulated through the development of many in-vehicle speaker systems and amplifiers, will be offered as a reference exhibit to propose new applications and usage situations.

<Vibrating audio generator (exciter)>

Vibrating audio generator (exciter)

A lightweight exciter delivering high-quality sound reproduction regardless of installation location through its vibrating contact surface. We will propose flexible new applications that are not confined to conventional installation locations and methods, ranging from audio systems for use in buildings and interiors to in-vehicle audio systems.

<Ribbon speaker system>

Ribbon speakers

A tallboy speaker system composed of a stack of three units of full-range ribbon speakers, as well as an ultra-thin speaker system made up of ultra-flat subwoofers, will be displayed as a reference exhibit. In the theater room close to our booth, visitors will be able to experience a whole new level of clear and spatial sound fields, along with high-definition videos projected by our 4K-compatible D-ILA projector.


  • Apple CarPlay is a trademark or registered trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
  • Android Auto is a trademark or registered trademark of Google Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
  • Bluetooth® and its logo, being registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., are used by JVCKENWOOD under license from the company.
  • AE,Everio,Everio R,D-ILA, 4K/e-shift are trademarks or registered trademarks of JVCKENWOOD.
  • Wi-Fi®, Wi-Fi® logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • Other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


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