November 8, 2017

JVCKENWOOD Moves into the OR* Imaging System Solution Markets
in Japan and the U.S. as a One-stop Solution Provider
through a Collaboration with Rein Medical in Germany
— Exhibiting Advanced Systems at HOSPEX Japan 2017—

*Abbreviation for Operating Room

JVCKENWOOD Corporation will branch out into the Japanese and the U.S. markets for OR imaging system solutions as a one-stop solution provider through a collaboration with Rein Medical GmbH (hereinafter “Rein Medical”) in Germany, which is engaged mainly in selling and implementing OR imaging system solutions, by combining the technologies, know-how, and service networks of the two companies.
JVCKENWOOD and Rein Medical will exhibit advanced OR imaging system solutions developed by integrating our systems at HOSPEX Japan 2017, a comprehensive exhibition covering the medical and welfare fields, to be held at the Tokyo Big Sight from November 20 to 22, 2017.

1. Background to the Collaboration and Initiatives for the Future

JVCKENWOOD made a full-scale entry into the healthcare business by completing succession of information equipment business including medical display systems of TOTOKU Electric Co., Ltd. accompanied by the transfer of ownership of its subsidiary, TOTOKU Nagaoka Corporation (now JVCKENWOOD Nagaoka Corporation) from TOTOKU Electric Co., Ltd. in 2013, and now provides various radiation/pathological image display monitors that achieve the high-level display performance and luminance stability required of medical image displays.
JVCKENWOOD is also working to create advanced and innovative testing and diagnostic systems, such as Gazefinder, a gaze point sensing system designed to assist the early diagnosis of developmental disorders by applying our proprietary gaze point sensing technologies, and technologies for measuring exosomes in the blood of cancer patients by applying our optical disk-related technologies. In this way, JVCKENWOOD is working to achieve business growth by providing solutions that leverage its strengths.

JVCKENWOOD will, through the collaboration with Rein Medical, launch advanced OR imaging system solutions that integrate technologies, know-how, and implementation service networks of the two companies in the Japanese and North American markets, with the aim of expanding the solution business in the Healthcare Business.

Rein Medical has a track record of delivering OR imaging system solutions to about 500 operating rooms in Europe and the Middle East, and is one of the few manufacturers capable of providing one-stop services from system software development and design to installation and implementation, as well as maintenance of systems. However, Rein Medical does not have technologies and know-how related to camera devices needed to create OR imaging system solutions. Through our collaboration, we will be able to provide the various imaging and information network solutions that medical institutions require by integrating Rein Medical’s systems and JVCKENWOOD’s medical equipment, which have been developed by applying long-cultivated imaging technologies, such as camera solutions, image recording and reproduction equipment, and high-definition full HD-IP transmission systems.

JVCKENWOOD Public & Industrial System Corporation (“JKPI”), the core Group company in the Professional Systems Business, with a long track record of delivering solutions in the medical field, will carry out installation, implementation, and maintenance of system solutions in the domestic market. By leveraging sales channels in the medical field of JKPI and JVCKENWOOD, we aim to become a leading company in the OR imaging system business with high-growth prospects as a one-stop provider of services, ranging from system proposal and design to manufacturing and implementation as well as system maintenance.
JVCKENWOOD plans to roll out the OR imaging system solution business in the North American market by establishing the same service provision structure as in the domestic market. In Europe and Middle East, meanwhile, the business will continue to be operated mainly by Rein Medical.

2. Overview of Rein Medical

Company name
Rein Medical GmbH
Monchengladbach (in the administrative district of Dusseldorf)
CEO Stephan Rein
January, 1994
511,000 euro (67,963,000 yen)
*Converted using the euro-yen exchange rate (1 euro = 133yen) prevailing on October 31, 2017
Business description
Sales and implementation of OR imaging systems and a distributing agent for JVCKENWOOD’s medical display monitor solutions in Germany

3. Overview of Exhibit (No. 5 G-203) at HOSPEX Japan 2017, a comprehensive exhibition covering the medical and welfare fields

We will exhibit advanced OR imaging system solutions that integrate JVCKENWOOD’s camera devices and Rein Medical’s systems. You can see our smart information management in the OR environment comprising camera solutions, PACS (X-ray image server) images and biological information display monitor, as well as display demonstration performance and system design capabilities for a clean and hygienic environment.

<Conceptual image of JVCKENWOOD Booth>

Overview of HOSPEX Japan 2017 comprehensive exhibition covering the medical and welfare fields

HOSPEX Japan 2017
Organized by
Healthcare Engineering Association of Japan, Japan Management Association
Exhibition period
November 20 (Mon.) to November 22, 2017 (Wed.), 2017
Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 4-6
Official website

For further information, please contact

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Mail: prir@jvckenwood.com

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