December 27, 2017

Exhibiting New Products from the Automotive and Media Service Sectors
JVCKENWOOD Exhibits at CES 2018
Presenting JVCKENWOOD’s OEM Business Activities in the Automotive Sector and
Various Audio Solutions Developed by Applying Its Technologies

 JVCKENWOOD Corporation will exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018, one of the world’s largest electronics shows, to be held from January 9 (Tue.) to 12 (Fri.), 2018 (local time), in Las Vegas, Nevada.

 JVCKENWOOD’s booth will exhibit our latest products from the Automotive and the Media Service Sectors. Exhibits from the Automotive Sector will highlight high-end models of AV multimedia receivers featuring HD wide-viewing angle LCD panels, new car AV products with a high-resolution compatibility, and JVCKENWOOD’s OEM business activities in the Automotive Sector. Exhibits from the Media Service Sector will showcase new Bluetooth®-enabled headphone and 4K video camera products. We will also present various audio solutions developed by applying our technologies, such as a demo car equipped with a vibrating audio generator (exciter), ribbon speaker systems, and EXOFIELD out-of-head localization sound field-processing technology.

Illustrative image of JVCKENWOOD Booth at North Hall #4602

Major Exhibits from the Automotive Sector

1. Outstanding lineup of new products under the KENWOOD brand

  • New high-end AV multimedia receiver featuring HD (1280x720) resolution and wide-viewing angle LCD panel and enhanced connectivity with smartphones by supporting Apple CarPlay™ and wireless connectivity for Android Auto™.
  • Lineup of AV multimedia receivers compatible with DSD™ (Direct Stream Digital) files and enhanced support for high-resolution audio.
  • Demonstration in a sound room offering a trial listening experience of full high-resolution systems (head unit, amplifier, and speaker system) from the eXcelon series.
  • Exhibition of high-resolution dashcams with safe driving support functions capable of connecting to JVCKENWOOD’s AV multimedia receivers.

2. Outstanding lineup of new products under the JVC brand

Lineup of new receivers without disc-reading mechanism with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ capability and new AV receivers featuring enhanced connectivity with smartphones and equipped with a 6.8-inch LCD panel, such as Wi-Fi®-enabled receivers with wireless connectivity for Android Auto™.

3. Introducing JVCKENWOOD’s OEM business activities in the Automotive Sector

We will present our activities in the OEM business, the priority business in the Automotive Sector, our growth driver, showcasing a demo car equipped with our exclusive products. (Automobile courtesy of Mitsubishi Motor Corporation)

  • On exhibit will be the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross with a factory-installed display audio system, supporting Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ and touch pad controller (with Apple CarPlay capability) that is easy to use while driving.

Major Exhibits from the Media Service Sector

1. Lineup of 4K video cameras, ranging from professional-use models to commercial models

On display will be our lineup of 4K video cameras, including new 4K-compatible commercial video cameras featuring our Quad Proof structure—waterproof, dust-proof, shockproof and freeze-proof, and 4K professional camera recorders.

2. Lineup of headphones focusing on Bluetooth® -compatible models for wireless music listening

Spotlighting our lineup of new wireless headphones with Bluetooth® technology, which has entered the mainstream. We will showcase our product lines that are ideal for various listening situations, ranging from sweat-proof sports-friendly headphones to models for everyday use.

Reference Exhibition

1. Vibrating audio generator (exciter)

Presenting a reference exhibit of a lightweight exciter delivering high-quality sound reproduction, regardless of installation location, through vibrating its contact surface. We will demonstrate a bass-boost-type model embedded in the seat of a demo car and an in-wall type model, which turns an entire wall into the speaker front, to propose flexible new applications that are not confined to conventional installation locations and methods, ranging from in-vehicle audio systems to audio systems for use in buildings and interiors.

2. Ribbon speakers

A tallboy speaker system composed of a stack of three units of full-range ribbon speakers will be displayed as a reference exhibit. In a separate venue (in Venetian Tower) adjacent to the main venue, visitors will be able to experience the actual sound.

3. “EXOFIELD” out-of-head sound processing technology

We will present EXOFIELD, our unique technology, which makes it possible to measure and analyze the personal characteristics of individual users, such as the shapes of their ears and faces, as well as acoustic characteristics of audio speakers and listening rooms they use, etc. to perform audio signal processing that is optimally customized to individual users. Our technology achieves out-of-head localization of sound images, unlike conventional headphones with in-head localization of sound images, enabling reproduction of a sound field and localization of sound images achieved in a typical speaker listening experience even with headphones. A trial listening demonstration will be available by reservation at a separate venue (in Venetian Tower).

Outline of CES 2018

CES 2018
Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
January 9 (Tue.) – 12 (Fri.), 2018
Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center, etc. (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)
・JVCKENWOOD booth: North Hall #4602, Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center
・Separate venue: Venetian Tower Suite 29-328, 30-326, 30-328
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  • Android Auto™ is a trademark or registered trademark of Google Inc.
  • DSD™ is a trademark or registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
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  • Wi-Fi®, Wi-Fi® logo, Wi-Fi®CERTIFIED and Wi-Fi®CERTIFIED logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • eXcelon and EXOFIELD are registered trademarks of JVCKENWOOD Corporation.
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