March 1, 2018

JVCKENWOOD’s DMR-Compliant Digital Radio Communications Systems Adopted for the MotoGP™ Motorcycle Racing World Championship
—Signing a Three-year Sponsorship Agreement to Serve as MotoGP™ Supplier—

JVCKENWOOD Corporation (“JVCKENWOOD”) is pleased to announce that its digital radio communications system, which is compliant with Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) international digital radio standards, has been adopted as the communications system for MotoGP™, the pinnacle of motorcycle racing. In addition, JVCKENWOOD has signed a three-year sponsorship agreement to serve as an official MotoGP™ Supplier.

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MotoGP™—the world’s leading motorcycle racing competition

■Background to Adoption and Overview of the Digital Radio Communications System

JVCKENWOOD’s Communications Systems Business, one of its core businesses, delivers digital communications system solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of users around the world. JVCKENWOOD’s digital communication systems boast high levels of quality and reliability, and are capable of providing stable digital communications even under demanding and hazardous environments, in order to meet the strict requirements of users engaged in public safety services.

JVCKENWOOD’s long-standing technologies and know-how in digital radio communications were recognized by Dorna Sports, S.L., the Spanish company that organizes the MotoGP™ motorcycle racing world championship, and this led to the adoption of JVCKENWOOD’s digital radio communications systems. Starting with the Grand Prix of Qatar in March 2018, JVCKENWOOD’s digital radio communications systems will be used for communications among staff members involved in MotoGP™ operations during the 2018 MotoGP™ season, which features 19 rounds at racing circuits around the world.

Our digital radio communications systems adopted for MotoGP™ operations are compliant with DMR digital radio standards and feature high-quality communications and low noise, which are unique to digital radio communications systems. Besides, these digital radio communications systems are equipped with a DMR-compliant, highly reliable relay system of Italy-based Radio Activity, which became a subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD in January 2018. As a result, our digital radio communication systems achieve a space-saving design and digital radio communications, along with high spectral efficiency unique to DMR-compliant systems, to meet the needs of MotoGP™ races held around the world.

■Overview of Sponsorship

Coinciding with the adoption of our digital radio communications systems, JVCKENWOOD has signed a three-year sponsorship agreement to serve as an official MotoGP™ Supplier starting from the 2018 season. JVCKENWOOD will display the KENWOOD logo at racing circuits hosting the MotoGP™ Grand Prix of the Americas (third round), MotoGP™ Grand Prix of the Netherlands (eighth round), and MotoGP™ Grand Prix of San Marino (13th round). JVCKENWOOD, as official MotorGP™ Supplier, will carry out promotional activities using racing photos to enhance the brand’s presence.

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