March 2, 2018

JVCKENWOOD Exhibits at IWCE 2018
Showcasing various professional radio communications systems solutions developed by
applying the technologies of the JVCKENWOOD Group

JVCKENWOOD Corporation (JVCKENWOOD) will exhibit at the IWCE 2018 (International Wireless Communications Expo 2018), which is one of the world’s largest professional radio communications equipment and systems exhibition and trade fairs that will be held in Orlando, USA on March 7th and 8th.

This time JVCKENWOOD will showcase together with the US radio subsidiaries EF Johnson Technologies, Inc., Zetron, Inc. and Radio Activity S.r.l. (“Radio Activity”), a company newly joined the JVCKENWOOD Group, various professional radio communications systems solutions for the public safety market including the police and fire departments, the public service market including electricity, gas, and waterworks, and private companies utilizing the Group’s technologies.

In addition, we will also showcase the NEXEDGE® series which have been introduced under KENWOOD brand around the world that is celebrating its tenth anniversary since market launch, and DMR (digital mobile radio) digital radio communications systems that has been adopted from 2018 season as a means of communication for the operation of the world's top-class MotoGP™ motorcycle racing.

[Image of JVCKENWOOD booth]

Main contents of the IWCE 2018 exhibit (JVCKENWOOD’s booth number: 925)

1. Showcase of the Radio Activity’s repeater

We will exhibit Kairos, a repeater compliant with DMR and P25*, by Radio Activity. With Kairos, we aim to offer various solutions in combination with our radio communications systems in the future.

*Radio communications standard for the public safety market including the police and fire departments in the US.

2. Showcase of radio solution systems for various fields consisting of radio communications systems and applications as a package

We will exhibit our radio communications systems and the application services of development partners as package solution systems for various fields.

(1) Staff operations coordination system for hotels

With the NEXEDGE® series, we offer a system that makes it possible to send text messages in addition to audio communications between staff members at hotels, which will enable smooth work coordination and improvements in the satisfaction levels of guests.

(2) Indoor location information management system for schools and commercial facilities

We offer a system that acquires location information for staff within schools and commercial facilities in a timely manner, and enable appropriate staffing. With the location information from the GPS in the NEXEDGE® series device and the Bluetooth® beacons installed in the building, this system will make it possible to track, report, and record the location and status of staff members in real-time.

(3) Security system for hotels and casinos

We will introduce a command center application for facilities that require security measures such as hotels, casinos, and stadiums that enables the operation, recording, and playback of monitoring cameras over the cloud. This security system detects the facial data of suspicious characters that have been registered from security cameras, and can send alert texts and face photo data to NEXEDGE® or devices by Sonim Technologies Inc. (“Sonim”).

[VP6000 series]

3. P25 radio communications systems solutions for the public safety market

We will showcase the P25-compliant VP6000 series and VM5000/6000 series with robustness and ease-of-use for the police, fire departments, and emergency response teams that need to communicate as a team under harsh environments such as accident and crime scenes, as well as radio communications system solutions that combine repeaters.

[VM6000 series]

4. NEXEDGE® networking solutions for public services

We offer total solutions including wide area telecommunications networks for public services and private companies with the NEXEDGE® series, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary since market launch, and that achieves both reliability and cost performance.

5. NX-3000 series of multi-protocol digital radios

[NX-3000 series]

We will showcase the NX-3000 series of multi-protocol digital radios that support the differing protocols of NXDN™ and DMR. These radios support the DMR format in addition to the NXDN™ format for NEXEDGE that has been supported up until now. Because one unit can support two digital protocols, these radios can be used in accordance with the use environment.

6. KENWOOD brand professional smartphones (reference exhibit)

[Device image]

We will present KENWOOD brand professional smartphones currently under development with Sonim based on a capital and business alliance as a reference exhibit. We offer a new radio device using LTE communications that is equipped with the robustness developed in our professional radios.

7. NEXEDGE®-PoC coordination system using KAS-20 (reference exhibit)

We will present a coordination system enabling simultaneous location management and dispatch through NEXEDGE® combine with PoC devices (reference exhibit) using KAS-20 (AV land dispatch software) as a reference exhibit.

8. Hearing solutions in coordination with our radios (reference exhibit, in cooperation with NEC Corporation)

We offer a new solution that enables one-time authentication and indoor location confirmation through personal authentication and geomagnetic sensors by inserting a hearing device in your ear that works together with our radios.

9. Exhibition of DMR digital radio communications systems adopted in the world's top-class MotoGP™ motorcycle racing

A DMR digital radio device using trunking technologies from the Group company Radio Activity (Italy) has been adopted as a means of communication for the operation of the world's top-class MotoGP™ motorcycle racing. This year at our booth, we will exhibit the radio communications system that was actually used, as well as an introduction of the world view aimed for by KENWOOD as a MotoGP™ supplier.

Outline of IWCE 2018

IWCE 2018 (International Wireless Communications Expo 2018)
Exhibition period
March 7 (Wednesday) and 8 (Thursday), 2018
Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida
Official website


  • NEXEDGE® is a trademark or a registered trademark of JVCKENWOOD Corporation.
  • NXDN™ is a trademark or a registered trademark of JVCKENWOOD Corporation and ICOM INCORPORATED.
  • The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and JVCKENWOOD Corporation uses these marks based on a license.

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