March 15, 2018

JVCKENWOOD to Provide NEXEDGE® Professional Digital Radio Systems to US Embassy in Japan

JVCKENWOOD Corporation (JVCKENWOOD) has been awarded a contract by the US Embassy, Consulates, and related facilities in Japan for its NEXEDGE® professional digital radio systems as tools for emergency communication among staffers.

1. Background

The NEXEDGE® series

The NEXEDGE® series of professional digital radio systems is a digital radio solution that resolves issues confronting a wide range of users around the world in the public safety sector (police and fire departments and emergency services), public service sector (electricity, water and gas), and private sector (hotels and retail businesses). The systems meet the strict requirements of users engaged in public safety services by ensuring confidentiality of communication unique to a digital mode, as well as providing high quality and reliability, enabling stable radio communications in any environment.

JVCKENWOOD was awarded a contract with the US Embassy in Japan in recognition of a long-standing track record of providing professional digital radio equipment, including the NEXEDGE® series of professional digital radio systems, to the United States Department of State.

In delivering NEXEDGE® digital radio solutions to a total of eight related facilities nationwide, the JVCKENWOOD Group applied its collective strengths to build digital radio systems by providing support for acquisition of a license to use a radio communications station, as well as having JVCKENWOOD Public & Industrial Systems Corporation, our group company operating the Professional Systems Business, undertake installation and setup work.

2. Overview of Communications Systems Business

In the Communications Systems Business, one of the core businesses of the JVCKENWOOD Group, we are focusing on the public safety market in North America, which is expected to continue expanding, by strengthening cooperation with our communications systems subsidiaries in the U.S., and aim to provide total solutions for professional radio systems conforming to the Project 25 (P25) digital radio format in the North American public safety market. In addition, we are working on deployment of the NEXEDGE® series of professional digital radio systems, which have been adopted by the US Embassy in Japan, around the world and providing digital radio solutions that resolve issues confronting a wide range of users, including those in the public service sector.

As announced in the press release published in January, JVCKENWOOD has converted Radio Activity S.r.l. in Italy, a company engaged in developing and selling digital radio relay systems that are compliant with Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standards, which are international digital radio standards, into a wholly-owned subsidiary. In this way, JVCKENWOOD is working to expand its Communications Systems Business providing DMR-compliant digital radio systems.

JVCKENWOOD will continue to provide optimal digital radio solutions that meet the needs of individual markets, such as the public safety market, public service market, and private sector market, to promote an expansion of the digital radio system business, which is expected to grow around the world.

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