May 25, 2018

JVCKENWOOD Initiates Consideration for Establishing
a Joint Venture with Sysmex Corporation

JVCKENWOOD Corporation (“JVCKENWOOD”) hereby announces that it has initiated consideration for establishing a joint venture with Sysmex Corporation (“Sysmex”) with the aim of promoting collaboration in the business for devices used for In Vitro Diagnostics (“IVDs”) equipment, etc., and commercializing the business at an early stage.

The two companies are now in the process of considering their equity interest ratios, scope of collaboration, and business scale, and will announce details according to future progress. The above-mentioned subject currently has no effect on JVCKENWOOD’s operating results for the Fiscal Year Ending March 2019.

■Background to establishing joint venture

JVCKENWOOD, holding approximately 11,000 intellectual properties as a Technology Based Company, seeks to provide cutting-edge solutions by leveraging its optical and video technologies, its biggest strength, in other business fields. A case in point is the dashcam, which has been a major driver of the Automotive Sector’s business expansion through the application of optical technologies developed for video cameras in in-car equipment. We are also seeking to achieve early commercialization of next-generation solutions by collaborating and cooperating with other entities, including start-up companies.

Besides, in the Healthcare Business, which is likely to grow in the future, JVCKENWOOD has been striving to achieve early commercialization by collaborating and cooperating with other companies, while maximally leveraging optical and video technologies-expertise accumulated to date. For example, we commenced collaborative research with the National Cancer Center Japan, Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited, and Sysmex on a diagnostics system for the early diagnosis of cancer and other diseases, based on the application of our optical disc technologies (announced on October 6, 2017 by Public and Investor Relations Group, Corporate Communication Department).

Given this background, we have recently initiated consideration for establishing a joint venture with Sysmex to promote collaboration and achieve early commercialization in the business for devices used for IVD equipment. By leveraging the two companies’ respective strengths, we aim to expand the Healthcare Business in a way that addresses the shift to the Internet of Things (IoT), which is advancing rapidly also in the healthcare field.

Media Contact:

Public & Investor Relations Group
E-mail: prir@jvckenwood.com

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