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September 30, 2009

New media service readily available with existing TVs
JVC Kenwood Develops
M-LinX(Tentative)-compatible Compact FM/AM Tuner
called M-LinX(Tentative) Tuner Box

JVC KENWOOD Holdings has developed the M-LinX(Tentative) Tuner BOX, an M-LinX(Tentative)-compatible compact FM/AM tuner that makes the new network service M-LinX(Tentative) available by connecting with the audio-video equipment that users already have such as a TV and VCR. We plan to launch the product on the market next spring.

M-LinX(Tentative) Tuner Box

Overview of the Development of the M-LinX(Tentative) Tuner BOX

1. Support for M-LinX(Tentative), a new network service

(For an overview of the M-LinX(Tentative) service, please refer to the M-LinX(Tentative) development release published today.)

Our proprietary broadcast service area limitation technology allows users to receive clear sound even in areas that have poor reception because of radio disturbances and such like.

The technological specifications that will allow users to receive additional data such as images, in addition to sound, are also under development.

2. Compact FM/AM tuner allowing free layout

The palm-sized dimensions of 25mm x 115mm x 77mm (not included projected parts) make the Tuner BOX small enough to be put on an AV rack or a TV stand without taking up space.

In addition to the M-LinX(Tentative) service, ordinary radio (analog FM/AM) broadcasting can be enjoyed as well.

3. HDMI/composite output for connectivity with many types of TVs and AV amplifiers

The output section is equipped with one composite output that allows the Tuner BOX to be connected with various types of audio-visual equipment such as a conventional CRT TV. In addition, there is one HDMI output for simple connection with flat-screen TVs and AV amplifiers, and more.

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