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September 30, 2009

Establishing new business domains through “Realize the unconventional”
JVC Kenwood Develops New Product Combining Audio, Video and Communications and New Service

JVC KENWOOD Holdings, Inc. (JVC Kenwood) has developed a product called Home AVC RYOMA(Tentative), which combines audio, video and communications functions, as the first of new product lineups that propose new lifestyles for the digital network era, as well as constituting new business domains. In addition, we have developed a new service called M-LinX(Tentative) that is linked with this new product.

Since its foundation through the management integration of Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) and Kenwood Corporation (Kenwood) last October, JVC Kenwood has made efforts to enhance its competitiveness in the global market and proceed with initiatives to expand its corporate value in the business domains that JVC and Kenwood have developed, under the corporate vision of “Realize the unconventional.”

Furthermore, by integrating the video, audio and wireless communications technologies of JVC and Kenwood at a high level, JVC Kenwood has worked for the past year on the development of unconventional products and services appropriate to the digital network era that stimulate people’s sensitivities, awaken latent needs and bring surprises and changes to everyday lifestyles.

In line with the above line of thought, JVC Kenwood has decided to develop and commercialize household and mobile products. As the first of such products, we have developed Home AVC RYOMA(Tentative) under the concepts of “the true integration of audio, video and communications” at home and “the new home audio era.” (For an overview of the new product please refer to the Home AVC RYOMA(Tentative) development release published today.)

JVC Kenwood has also developed a new concept network service called M-LinX(Tentative) that integrates broadcasting and communication. Combined with the new product, this service provides clear radio broadcast reception even in poor reception areas, additional data such as radio broadcasts, moving and still images, and a two-way information exchange. Thus, we will give customers surprises and sensations that they have never before experienced, and propose new lifestyles. (For an overview of the M-LinX(Tentative) service, please see the M-LinX(Tentative) development release published today.)

JVC Kenwood will prepare for the launch of the new product and the new service M-LinX(Tentative), with next spring as the target date.

By commercializing the new product and starting the new service, JVC Kenwood will provide our customers with incomparable surprises and sensations that they have never experienced so far. We will also depart from such conventional business practices as just selling hardware and establish new business domains, while accelerating the future growth strategy as a unique audio/visual specialty manufacturer.

About the Newly Developed Home AVC RYOMA(Tentative)

  1. Home AVC with which users can enjoy varied video and music contents.
  2. A high-grade digital amplifier that include the know-how and high-quality sound of JVC and Kenwood.
  3. The new UI design offers an intuitive interface.
  4. The new network service M-LinX(Tentative) is installed.

About the New Service M-LinX(Tentative)

  1. Clear radio broadcasts can be received even in poor reception areas where there are radio disturbances.
  2. Offering new ways of excitement using additional data.
  3. The two-way function enables an expansion of advertising activities.

Basic Conceptualization of the New Products and Services

Products that makes you feel you have been missing something → Development of new products : Casting off of conventional sales business practices → New network service

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